Ayan Tazhibayev

Here, you can find my past and current projects.


I'm a Computer Science master's student at Brown University'18 with interests in artificial intelligence, algorithms, and human-computer interaction.

One - an all-in-one music player

People don’t listen to music the same way they did ten years ago. Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. are convenient yet users usually need to switch between multiple services

  • Medium post — Some insight to our solution
  • A quick Demo
  • BulBul - reImagine Lyrics to Songs

    an iPhone app with lyrics to the top Kazakh songs, a guessing game, and fancy easter eggs baked in it

  • Take a peek at instagram teaser-video — People showed great excitement in the comments
  • A quick Demo
  • Demo Day —We had some great demos that day
  • 11782342_941720289221648_8270105127645378479_o   11823017_941720702554940_8732859255649346002_o
  • Check out the source code on Github — Yeap, it's a public repository
  • DonorDB - a platform to match patients and donors

    Imagine Cup(2013) project that tries to automate matching of organs for donors and donating patients

  • Out team(Salutarius) won the Audience Choice Award — It's in russian though
  • Check out the source code on Github — It's not pretty
  • Discount Grabber - A mobile app offers latest discounts

    A hackathon winner app, parses raw HTML of 4 different discount websites(e.g. Groupon) to deliver the best offerings to your phone

  • An article about Hackathon winners(us) — It is in russian, saying that we utilized Windows Phone + Windows Azure cloud storage platform
  • We won the trip to «DevCon 2012» conference in Moscow — We were lucky enough to see legendary engineers like Scott Hanselman and Rob Craft
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  • Check out the source code on Github — It has two parts: mobile(client), and server(hack_worker)
  • Hip-Hop Quotes

    Stay far from timid
    Only make moves when your heart's in it
    And live the phrase sky's the limit

    — The Notorious B.I.G., "Sky's The Limit"